Lamassu Admin
has been re-built

We’ve overhauled and greatly expanded our operator admin in a redesign that is both elegant and powerful, bringing each piece of information to you in visual form.

Operator is king

It's effortless to hit the ground running, view every aspect of your transactions in real time, review and approve your customers' info, or generate detailed transaction reports on the fly.

Free and painless to setup and use.

To make setup easier, we’ve designed wizards to walk operators through each step of the way, such as configuring your first coin, adding exchange accounts, and enabling cash-out.

Our admin wizards ensure no setting is left unconfigured, and that you hit the ground running whether it’s your first cryptomat or your fiftieth.

Complete transaction data.
Real-time updates.

Your transactions panel provides a full, interactive breakdown of each purchase across your network and its customer, including pop-up previews of their verification data.

Watch your flow of transactions and their progress as they happen. Never lose track of a purchase with our new search filters, and download spreadsheets for custom date ranges directly from the admin.

Robust maintenance tools

The admin is your command centre, and we've ensured you have every tool at your disposal to monitor and maintain your entire network.

Panels feature visual cues to indicate when action is needed. Notifications keep you proactively managing your machines, funds, and compliance verifications.

Dashboards and machine profile pages summarise all you need to know about the health and performance of your fleet.

Meet Lamassu’s new overrides system

We’ve completely redesigned the way our overrides work to give you granular yet streamlined control over the exceptions you make to your global settings.

The new approach is both more complete and more modular, keeping values like your commissions much more manageable regardless of the size of your operation.

Truly seamless compliance

We approach compliance in two ways. The first is to strip the complexity and bureaucracy from the user interface. The second is to give the operator all of the tools necessary to power their complete compliance plan, regardless of the jurisdiction. We do this by analyzing the entire process from collection to application of triggers and rules to satisfy the requirements of the local regulators.

We’ve gone from simple thresholds to fully customisable rules based on multiple dimensions: transaction amounts, volumes, velocity, and consecutive days.

More about compliance

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